If you are an active practitioner in the field of international development, ... the SID Washington, D.C. Chapter is a 'must' group for you. No other organization follows the unfolding events of development as closely or completely...

- Jim Kolbe, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, Transatlantic Taskforce on Development, German Marshall Fund

I joined SID-Washington because it offers a collaborative platform for sharing good ideas, strategic relationships and innovative solutions that are critical for developing effective responses to the challenges of globalization.

- Kristi Ragan, Strategic Advisor to USAID Global Development Alliance, DAI

I am very grateful to SID-Washington. As a 30-year member of the organization, I applaud SID-Washington’s commitment, to airing multiple perspectives on controversial and timely issues...SID-Washington’s proven ability to assemble diverse groups and fine minds to discuss and debate important issues with passion and mutual respect is an enormous contribution.

-Larry Cooley, President, Management Systems International

Tomas Bridle, Senior Technical Advisor, IBTCI

Tomas Bridle is a development expert with more than 15 years of experience designing, managing and evaluating governance projects. He brings political perspectives and practical insights to programs aimed at strengthening post-conflict state capacity, legislative institutions, and civil society organizations.  His assessments and activity designs reflect a political economy approach to institutional behavior and reform.  He has frequently briefed USAID missions, State Department officials, Congressional delegations and senior local government officials about program activities and political developments. His trainings and consultations with senior government officials and staff have focused on strengthening parliamentary oversight, increasing transparency and accountability, and engaging civil society in policy and legislation. 

As an independent consultant since July 2012, Mr Bridle has completed more than 15 assignments in 11 countries for 7 different organizations. These have included assessments of USAID programs, trainings for members of parliament and civil society, and proposal development missions and consultations. In positions with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and USAID contractor DAI from 2001 to 2012, he successfully directed day-to-day implementation of complex, high-profile programs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Pakistan. He has been recognized for his ability to work with local cultural norms and has established constructive relationships with senior government officials in the former Soviet Union, Middle East and North Africa, and other regions.  Winning USAID proposals on which he was a lead technical writer or played a significant role in program design include: the Deliberative Bodies/Legislative Strengthening IQC (2009); Democratic Republic of the Congo Pro Bonne Gouvernance (2009); Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Support Program (2010, 2012); Programme de Support au Parlement Haïtien (2011); Rwanda Human and Institutional Capacity Development (2012); and Assistance to Legislative Bodies in Afghanistan (2012).  

In 2011, Mr Bridle was certified in the methodology used by USAID Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) programs by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) in 2011. He was technical lead writer on two HICD proposals, including the Rwanda HICD program awarded to DAI in 2012. He is trained by ISPI in evaluating applications for the Certified Performance Technology (CPT) designation. He regularly conducts workshops for organizations and individuals to guide them through the CPT application process. 

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